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Here's how to conduct a closing meeting for your safety audit

by , 06 August 2014
Once you've completed your safety audit, you need to arrange a closing meeting. It's in this meeting that you'll verbally report and discuss your findings with management.

This is a vital step in the process as it's here you can ensure everyone's on the same page about what problems exist and how you want to fix them.

Since not everyone if familiar with the procedures for a safety audit closing meeting here's what you must do...

STOP! Before you have your audit closing meeting, you must have your pre-closing meeting

Before you even begin to arrange your closing meeting, you must have a pre-closing meeting. This is a meeting between you and the rest of the audit team if you have one. Here you must:
1. Review all your findings from the audit;
2. Come to an agreement about the critical, major and minor problems in your health and safety programme.
3. Compile your 'Overview of Unsatisfactory Findings Report'.
4. Prepare the agenda for your audit closing meeting.
Only once you've done all this, can you start arranging your closing meeting.
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Here's how to arrange and hold your audit closing meeting

You must invite all the managers in your company to this meeting. Ensure you make copies of your 'Overview of Unsatisfactory Findings Report' for all of them.
Be prepared to explain and discuss your health and safety audit findings.
When the meeting begins, you can follow this agenda:
- Thanks;
- Confirmation of departments/areas you covered;
- Overview of deviations and corrective measures (this is the most important part of the agenda as it's here you'll discuss your report and plan of action);
- General comments;
- Follow-up activities;
- Clarification;
- Report availability; and
- Close.
And remember to allow for plenty of discussion time so by the end of the meeting everyone's onboard.
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Here's how to conduct a closing meeting for your safety audit
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