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Here's how to conduct a safety audit interview with your employees

by , 07 August 2014
When you do a safety audit in your workplace, you need to speak to the people your health and safety programme affects the most: Your employees.

I don't just mean your managers, but employees on every level. But your employees may feel too scared of getting in trouble to give you honest answers.

That's why you need to approach these interviews the right way.

To enable you to get the best and most truthful information from these interviews, today we're revealing how you should handle this safety audit interview with them...

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Here are four things you must do when it comes to safety audit interviews

1. Keep them informal
The point of these interviews is to catch your employees in the moment during their daily duties and ask them about what they're doing.
If you call the employees to your office, they'll be scared of getting in trouble. This also means you won't to see the problems your employee tells you about. Seeing the problems first hand is an important part of the health and safety audit process.
2. Be warm and friendly
Approach your employees in a friendly way to make them feel comfortable. Greet them, ask them how they are and tell them you'd like to ask a few questions about their work.
3. Plan your questions
You don't have to write down every question for these on-the-spot interviews. But you should prepare a number of questions to ask your employees. Just remember your questions will change depending on which employee you're interviewing.
4. Be patient with your employee
Don't rush your employee during this interview. Give him time to fully answer your question and explain any he doesn't understand. 
If you remember these four things during your safety audit interviews, you'll get useful information from your employees. Information that'll help you improve your health and safety programme.
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Here's how to conduct a safety audit interview with your employees
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