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Here's how to develop the perfect safety audit checklist

by , 04 August 2014
To ensure your health and safety runs smoothly you must create a guideline that'll help you remember everything you must do. The easiest ways to do this is to create a checklist.

This checklist can cover each department you want to audit and the questions you want to ask.

But for your audit to benefit from your checklist, it must be effective and well-developed. So ensure you create the perfect audit checklist.

Here's how...

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Here's why an audit checklist is so important

A checklist is really useful when it comes to ensuring you cover everything you need to in the audit. A well-developed checklist should be a standard for every safety audit you do.
The reason is it can help:
- Ensure the audit sample you take is balanced;
- Assist you in preparing the audit team;
- Maintain correct pace; and
- Provide a record of the audit for future reference.
So here's how to develop your checklist.

Here's how to create a perfect audit checklist

1. Make sure you understand the relevant information you want to document.
2. Prepare separate lists for each section or area such as housekeeping, PPE, or machinery checks. 
3. Consider the amount of time you'll need for each department audit and what key elements you want to assess.
4. Use the checklist as a tool to guide the process.
Remember the more detail you include in your checklist the faster your safety audit will be. The reason is you won't have to try remember what you want to ask and investigate in each department.
So plan carefully and draw up your checklist in a way that you can use it to tick off each question and area of investigation in each department.
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Here's how to develop the perfect safety audit checklist
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