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Here's how to do the best fire safety toolbox talks possible and avoid your company going up in smoke

by , 22 May 2014
If a fire breaks out on your construction site, your business and employees are in danger. That's why you must put fire fighting measures in place to prevent them. For you to prevent fires on your construction site, you need your employees to know how to prevent them too.

The best way you can do this is to conduct a toolbox talk on fire safety. Here you'll tell them about the risks, how to prevent them and discuss the problem with them.

Use these tips to do the best fire safety toolbox talk possible

Do your employees know about the different fire equipment?

Use this structure for your fire safety toolbox talk and avoid fire accidents

Keeping with the correct structure for a toolbox talk, you should introduce them to the topic of fire safety first. Give them scenarios where a fire may commonly happen to set the tone.
Next, tell them what's at stake. With a fire, the stakes are high and can lead to:
Damage to the business property. They won't have a job if your construction site burns down;
A criminal offence – The person who started the fire could face a charge of culpable homicide if it killed people;
Injury – If some is injured at work because of the fire they'll be guilty; and
Environmental loss or harm - They could be also guilty of causing environmental damage.
Your next step must be to tell them about the dangers. The dangers are similar to the stakes but are more about personal lose and injury.
You must give your employees an example of how they could accidently start a fire and what would happen.
So how do you round off your toolbox talk?
Are you 100% sure you're training your employees on the right health and safety topics?
There are so many toolbox talks out there, but how can you be sure which topics you need to train your employees on? We've done the work for you… 

Round off your toolbox talk on fire safety the right way

You must draw the safety message to a close by telling your employees how they can protect themselves. Give a lot of detail when you do this step as it may help save a life. You can consult your copy of the Health and Safety Advisor for how your employees can protect themselves.
Lastly, you should end off with a firm last word. You can try and add some humor into this last line. It can help you lift the mood at the end of the safety presentation.
A good toolbox talk on fire safety can save your employees lives and your business. Follow our guide to do it the right way and avoid fire accidents.

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Here's how to do the best fire safety toolbox talks possible and avoid your company going up in smoke
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