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Here's how to ensure your HIV management system remains 100% effective year after year

by , 28 November 2014
The HIV epidemic in South Africa grows each year. Because of this, your company's HIV risk also grows.

The good news is, you can control this with an effective HIV management system. But how do you ensure your management system remains effective as your risk increases. After all, if the number of HIV+ employees increases, surely you'll need to apply stricter controls and systems.

I have the answer for you and it all has to do with creating one specific document.

Read on to discover what it is so you can ensure your HIV management system stays effective every year...

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Create this document to ensure your HIV management system is always effective

The document you need to create is a Workplace HIV/AIDS Policy. This policy gives your employee all the rules and guidelines to support your HIV management system. 
This policy helps ensure the effectiveness of your system by putting measures in place that manage its constant assessment and improvement. 
To do this, your policy must include guidelines for: 
Co-ordination and implementation of programmes;
Providing human, financial and infrastructural resources;
Education and training;
HIV and AIDS and legal issues;
HIV testing;
Confidentiality of testing and counselling;
HIV/AIDS and employment (including incapacity, termination of services, alternative employment etc);
Promotion of a safe working environment;
Compensation for occupationally contracted HIV;
Employee benefits and provision of care;
The response of other employees and the standards of behaviour you expect; and
Procedures for dispute resolution and grievances.
But it's still not enough to merely create a workplace HIV/AIDS policy that includes these guidelines. You also need to follow the right procedures when you create it.
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11 Procedures you need to follow when you create your HIV/AIDS policy

1. Develop it through consultation with experts;
2. Get 100% buy in from all your stakeholders;
3. Reflect on your company's attitude and approach in tackling the issue of HIV/AIDS;
4. Tailor it to the specific needs and objectives of your company;
5. Customise it to match the culture and major language in your company;
6. Write it in an easily readable, applicable and accessible way;
7. Keep it in line with international standards of best practice;
8. Follow the national policy framework on HIV/AIDS for your industry;
9. Use the national workplace programme framework for your industry to create it;
10. Ensure it complies with all relevant labour laws in South Africa; and
11. Make provision for the meaningful involvement of HIV+ employees. 
When it comes time to implement the policy, set up a committee to manage it. This committee must check the content of the policy and the processes it outlines. 
It will also decide who you should involve when it comes to HIV policies and procedures. 
Lastly,  your committee must do an HIV risk analysis in your company to find out if your policy will be effective at managing it. 
This process will give you the framework to assess and improve your HIV management system every year. 
Create yours today to ensure your HIV management system is effective year after year.
PS. An important part of your HIV management system is HIV training. Find out everything you need to know about giving your employees effective HIV training in HIV – Training in a Box

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Here's how to ensure your HIV management system remains 100% effective year after year
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