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Here's how to ensure your workplace never experiences the horror of the Oregon high school shooting

by , 12 June 2014
You've done a risk assessment. You compiled your health and safety manual and trained all your employees on how to handle workplace hazards. But what you may not know that is one of your employees has a mission of his own. One day, for a reason known only to him, he brings a gun to work.

This is the same type of tragedy that shook a high school in Oregon in the USA recently. A student gunman walked in with a rifle, shot and killed another student before shooting himself in the school bathroom.

This is the kind of health and safety tragedy you can't just prevent with a risk assessment. It requires more complex health and safety steps.

Keep reading to discover what you do to prevent this health and safety issue from striking your workplace.

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Violence in the workplace can really affect your company 

Bakerdonelson.com says, in the USA, violence in the workplace has caused 16,910 non-fatal workplace injuries over the past few years.
Now, the USA does have the highest rate of gun-related deaths and accidents in the world, but this doesn't mean your employees will never follow suit.
Violence in the workplace can cause several problems for you including:
-          Decreased productivity;
-          Depressed and scared employees; and
-          Decreased company moral.
So what can you do to prevent this from happening in your workplace?
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A strong 'Weapons in the Workplace Policy' could save your employees' lives

To try and prevent a tragedy like this from striking your workplace, include a strong 'Weapons in the Workplace Policy' in your OHS Policy.
This policy must clearly state that your employees aren't allowed to bring any weapons into the workplace. You must also have a clear disciplinary code for this type of workplace safety misconduct.
By setting clear legal boundaries around weapons in the workplace, you may be able to prevent a massive health and safety disaster in your workplace. 

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Here's how to ensure your workplace never experiences the horror of the Oregon high school shooting
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