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Here's how to protect your employees from these three everyday office dangers

by , 30 December 2014
With the end of the year just a few short weeks away, your employees might not be concentrating at work.

You expect this to cause lower productivity, but did you know it might increase the number of accidents they have?

Employees that rush through work and hurry to leave the office are much more likely to have silly accidents, especially just before Christmas.

But there are ways to protect your employees from the three most common office dangers, even when they're not concentrating...


Protect your employees from these three common office dangers

1. Slips and falls
If you have slipper tiles in your office your employees could easily slip and fall on them. The risk of this happening is even higher if they're rushing out of work to go pack for their holidays. 
The best way to prevent slips and falls is to apply protective non-slip solutions to the tiles. These dry with a rough finish so there's more grip on the tiles. This means even if your employee's dashing out of the office, he won't slip.
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Three tips to get your employees to comply with health and safety laws
Employees think that safety is something 'management' must do. They're wrong. Employees also have duties to comply with the OHS Act.
It's your responsibility to make sure your employees comply. Don't know how to do it? 
2. Back strain from lifting heavy objects
While your employee rushes to get his work done, he might need to move a heavy box of files quickly. If he does this too fast, he'll strain his back. 
A great way to prevent this kind of accident is to get a few extra people into the office at the end of year to help put files away and organise paper work. 
You can get your employees' children on university holidays to come work for you to give them something to do. 
3. Burns and shocks
As your employees get ready to go on holiday your printers may have to work over time. This means they could overheat and cause sparks. These could burn or shock your employees.
To prevent this maintain your printers throughout the year. You also need to make sure your employees use them properly even if they're in a rush. 
Protect your employees from office dangers so they can come back from their holidays rested and ready to get working again. 

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Here's how to protect your employees from these three everyday office dangers
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