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Here's how to put your emergency plan to the test

by , 03 November 2014
When you plan events, it's not enough to just prepare the food, decorations and playlist. You also need to create an emergency plan. After all, emergencies can happen at any time and in any place.

If you don't prepare for these emergencies, you might land up in a situation where your employees are stuck and cannot escape.

But once you create your emergency plan, you still have to take it one step further.

You also have to test it.

Here's how...


This is what you need to do to test your event emergency plan

Schedule a pre-event meeting to review the emergency plan. Look at:
- Who's in charge of what;
- Who's in charge of which elements; and 
- All the steps in your emergency plan.
After your meeting, you're ready to put your event emergency plan into action and to do your first emergency drill. 
Here's how to do it…
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Here's how to do a practice drill for your event emergency plan

During the drill, take notes and observe how everyone behaves. Take the following steps during your drill:
- Document everything that happens. This will give you a clear idea of any gaps that you need to discuss;
- Time your evacuation drill from start to finish; and
- After the drill, hold a 'post-mortem'. With your notes you'll be able to correct any miss-steps, answer any questions, and correct behaviour or procedures.
If your drill doesn't go according to your emergency plan, your team might need further training. You might also need to go back to your risk assessment and then amend your emergency plan. 
Only go ahead with your event when you've sorted everything out and your team knows exactly what to do, and what you expect of them.
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more on preparing your event emergency plan. 

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Here's how to put your emergency plan to the test
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