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Here's how to tell if your company's building is on the brink of collapse

by , 22 October 2014
In the last year, there've been several stories in the news about collapsed buildings. Because these collapses happened because of problems with the construction, business owners never saw these disasters coming.

But if you keep your eyes open and watch for the signs, you can prevent a disaster like this from destroying your building.

Here's how you can tell if your building is in danger of crumbling beneath your feet...


Prevent a deadly building collapse by doing this

If you want to prevent a deadly building collapse from claiming your business, you must assess the structure of your building. 
This will help you identify any weak spots or problems that could lead to a collapse. 
You shouldn't do this alone though, because you might not know what you're looking at or for. You need the help and eyes of a construction engineer. He can identify structural weak points and tell you how to prevent a collapse.
Here are some of the warning signs you should look out for when you do this inspection.
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Look out for these warning signs when you assess your business premises' structure

1. Cracks in the bricks or concrete;
2. Crumbling support pillars;
3. Cracks in tiles;
4. Gaps in walls; and
5. Sagging roof beams.
These warning signs suggest problems such as shifting foundations, weak concrete or insufficient support structures. 
Not all of these problems are cause for alarm. Your construction engineer can help you work out what's a real problem and what isn't.
Assess your building today! If you spot any of these problems, it could be the sign your company is going down.

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Here's how to tell if your company's building is on the brink of collapse
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