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Here's what to cover in your toolbox talk on ladders

by , 04 November 2013
A third of all reported fall-from-height incidents involves ladders. Many of these injuries are caused by inappropriate or incorrect use of ladders. They can stop production for days while investigations take place. This means lost working time and profits for your business. But there's a way to prevent this from happening to you: Conduct toolbox talk on ladders. Here's what to cover in yours...

Ladders are used to do elevated work tasks. Like any other tool, you must ensure your employees know how to use them safely.

One way to do this is to conduct toolbox talk on ladders.

But do you know what to cover in these talks?

Include the following when conducting toolbox talk on ladders

You need to tell your employees about the different types of ladders. These are:

  1. Fix Ladders
  2. Extension Ladders
  3. Step Ladders
  4. Shelf ladders
  5. Trestle Ladders
  6. Fixed cage ladders

What's the danger?

Your employees need to know the importance of using the correct type of ladder when working at heights.

So tell them they could fall and injure themselves as well as their colleagues if they use the wrong ladder.

How to use your ladder safely

The Health & Safety Club recommends you use these nine tips to ensure your employees are safe when working on ladders.

The bottom line: Many injuries involving ladders are caused by inappropriate use of ladders. So conduct toolbox talk on ladders and tell your employees that setting up and working safely on a ladder is their responsibility. They must inspect the ladder before use to ensure its safe to use.

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Here's what to cover in your toolbox talk on ladders
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