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Here's what to do if you have a Luis Suarez in your office

by , 27 June 2014
You may have the best health and safety programme in the world. You may have the best safety equipment and you may have paid for your employees to have world class safety training.

You're a star employer in the eyes of the DoL. Unfortunately, all this might not completely protect your employees. Especially if they have the tendency to bite people like Uruguay's soccer star Luis Suarez.

You see, biting counts as a violent assault, as does kicking, punching, shoving and head butting.
So if your employees are starting to use the soccer player's dirty tactic to get ahead in the workplace, you may need to protect them from each other...

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Do you employ five or more employees?
If your company employs five or more employees, it must meet the minimum first aid requirements.
If your employees fight dirty, it's a health and safety issue
If your employees have disagreements there's not much you can do about it. But if those disagreements get physical, you have to step in! 
Your responsibility is to provide a safe and protected working environment. This means safe from accidents and violence in the workplace. 
Now this is a difficult workplace hazard to try and control. However, if you want your employees to keep coming to a safe workplace, you have to do the following...

Protect your employees from the health and safety issue of violence

The best way to prevent your employees for getting into a fighting match or biting incident is with a strict disciplinary code. 
Many employers have a policy that says assaulting a fellow co-worker is a fireable offence. This means you can remove that employee without having to discipline them first. 
This must be in your disciplinary code. All your employees must read and sign this code for it to be legal.
So ensure you have the right policies and procedures in place to protect your employees from each other. 

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Here's what to do if you have a Luis Suarez in your office
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