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Here's what to do to prevent an HIV infection if your employee has a needlestick injury

by , 31 December 2014
If your employees work in the medical industry, HIV is a serious risk. One of the most common is needlestick injuries.

This is when a dirty needle breaks your employee's skin because of mishandling or simply because of the situation.

You need to have procedures in place in case this happens to one of your employees.

Here's what you should do to protect them...


If your employee has a needlestick injury, do this

Tell your employees to report the incident to their supervisor A.S.A.P. You need to start HIV screening as soon as possible. 
This is for their safety and the safety of anyone they have to treat. After all, if they have an exposed sore, it could transfer the disease to the person they're treating. 
Then you need to get your employee onto a course of ARVs at once. These help reduce the chance of an infection. The sooner you do this, the greater your chance of stopping the infection.
There's one more thing you need to do.
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Five ways HIV or Aids can impact your workforce and business 
You only need to read the stats about the impact of HIV and Aids on workforces to see it's something you need to worry about as an employer in South Africa.

This is the last thing you must do if your employee has a needlestick injury

Give your employee counselling. You need to prepare him for the worst case scenario and explain to him what the process for preventing it is.
Let him know what his options are and support him.
The time between the injury and being able to take an HIV test can be incredibly scary because your employee won't know if he's contracted the disease or not. 
Take all of these steps so you can try protect your employee against the possibility of an HIV infection.
For everything you need to train your employees on HIV, check out HIV – Training in a Box

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Here's what to do to prevent an HIV infection if your employee has a needlestick injury
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