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Here's what to do when you have a sick employee spreading germs around the office

by , 16 July 2014
Germs are an easy to forget office health and safety problem that can turn your entire workforce into sneezing zombies. The sad truth is, few things can knock your employees' productivity levels quite like the common cold.

So when you have a sick employee coughing and sneezing over everything, the health and safety standards in your office immediately plummet.

It's at this point that you need to take action against this health hazard...

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Take action to prevent your employees from causing a health risk in your office

The best way to prevent the spread of germs in your office is to manage sick employees in your office. Try getting them to go home if you can see they're really sick. When they feel seriously ill, they're not productive anyway.
Remind them that they can take a sick day during the week without a doctor's note. They must just have one if they need to be off for more than one day. 
Reminding them of this is the best way to encourage them to go home and take their germs with them. 
And while you can't force them to go home if they really refuse to do so, we have some suggestions of what you can do in this situation to manage this health risk...

Here's what you can do with an employee who won't go home when he's sick

If your employee insists on being at work, ask him if he would work in a separate area. Your boardroom would be best because you can close the doors and it's easier to clean one room rather than the whole office
Then give them an hour or two off to go to the doctor and get medication. This will help speed up their recovery.
There's no concrete solution regarding what to do with sick employees but these suggestions can help you prevent the spread of their germs. 
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Here's what to do when you have a sick employee spreading germs around the office
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