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Here's why Andrew's ladder accident could cost your company millions of rands in DoL penalties

by , 13 November 2014
It's an ordinary day at work and your employee Andrew is working on installing a drain pipe on the building you're working on.

Then disaster strikes. Andrew slips, falls off his ladder and breaks his arm.

You now have a legal obligation to report the accident if you claim compensation for Andrew.

This means the DoL will find out and that could cost you millions of rands in DoL penalties.

Here's why...


Here's why Andrew's accident could trigger a R1 million rand penalty

If Andrew fell because you hadn't put any safety measures in place or given him any protective equipment and the DoL finds out, it will quickly find you guilty of non-compliance.
The OHS Act clearly states you have to put safety measures in place if your employees work at elevated heights. 
This is why the DoL will charge you penalties that range into the millions.
But you can avoid this fate if you take these four steps.
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Four steps you must take to avoid DoL penalties 

Step 1: Do a risk assessment and focus on employees that work at heights.
Step 2: Identify what the hazards are. For example, ladder hazards include the ladder falling onto someone, falling with an employee on it or employees slipping off.
Step 3: Put measures in place to reduce these hazards. For example, put removable brackets into the wall that will lock the ladder in place.
Step 4: Give your employees personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a fall harness to protect him while he works at heights.
Do this before you let any employee work at heights so you don't end up with a costly 'Andrew-injury'. 

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Here's why Andrew's ladder accident could cost your company millions of rands in DoL penalties
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