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How much control do you have over the quality of the materials you use on site?

by , 22 August 2014
Do you know what'll happen if your workers use poor quality building materials, such as bricks and cement? Those materials may not be able to hold up the structure of the building! They'll crack, deteriorate and put the building at risk of collapsing.

But how much control do you have over this?

Do you even monitor or check the kind of supplies your employees order?

If you don't, it could cause serious problems later on when your construction company is blamed for the collapse of a building.

To prevent this, you must control what building materials your employees use. Here's how...


Here's how to take control of the type of building materials your employees use

You must create a system of checks and controls that ensure your employees never order or use poor quality building material.
Here's what you must include in your system:
1. Create a list of the suppliers you want your employees to get their building supplies from. Be clear that these are the only suppliers you'll let them order supplies from. 
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2. Instruct your employee to submit all their supply orders and invoices to your finance department so they can check what you ordered and from where.
3. Communicate with your managers, safety officers and finance department. Tell them that if they're aware of employees ordering and using products from another supplier, they must alert you at once.
4. Add a section in your disciplinary code about using unauthorised building materials.
This is very important when it comes to health and safety. It'll protect your employees and the users of the building later on from the risks of structural collapses and save you from costly law suites too.

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How much control do you have over the quality of the materials you use on site?
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