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How to report your safety audit findings to management

by , 04 August 2014
The point of a safety audit is to highlight holes in your health and safety programme. This means once you've finished the audit, you must report your findings to your management.

This is how you start the process of fixing the problems you identify during your audit.

But how do you report your audit findings in a way that will be most beneficial to your managers?

Well it's actually a two stage process. So here's what you'll have to do...

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You must give a verbal report of your audit findings

After your safety audit you must hold a closing meeting. This will normally include:
- Thanks; 
- Confirmations of the departments that participated;
- Overview of deviations and corrective actions;
- General comments;
- Follow-up activity;
- Clarification; 
- Report availability; and
- Close.
The most important part is the 'Overview of deviations and corrective actions'. This is where you explain to the managers where you saw holes in their health and safety programme. 
You must have a discussion with them during this meeting so they fully understand what their problems are and what they must do to fix them. 
After this meeting you'll do the second stage of the audit reporting process. 

You must draw up and distribute a written report of your audit findings

This report is your 'Overview of Unsatisfactory Findings Report'. This is where you give a written account of what problems you documented during the audit and what the managers must do to fix it. In this report you must include details of the specific situations you observed. You must indicate how they influenced or caused the problems.
You must create copies and distribute them to all the managers so they have a copy to work from. 
You and your managers must sign this report.
Now your managers can fix the problems in your workplace health and safety.
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How to report your safety audit findings to management
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