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If an employee dies on the job, this is the process you need to follow

by , 21 August 2014
Fatal accidents can devastate your workplace. There's nothing like the death of an employee to make everyone else feel scared and insecure at work.

But there's something you can do to help your employees feel safe at work again.

It's important to get this process started as soon as possible so your employees can get back to work. Otherwise, it could take ages for your employees to readjust after the death of a colleague.

So if a fatal workplace accident happens, follow this process to deal with it...


Follow this process to deal with fatal workplace accidents

When a fatal workplace accident happens, the first thing you must do is help the injured and look for the bodies of the dead.
You must remove the dead bodies and then treat the injured survivors and send them off to hospital. 
You must call emergency services in to help you look for any other fatalities.
You must also have counsellors to help the survivors deal with the trauma. This is the first step in helping them readjust after an accident.
But there's one more thing that'll help your employees adjust.
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A thorough accident investigation will help your employees adjust after a fatal workplace accident

An accident investigation will help you uncover the cause of the accident and deal with it. This way you can ensure this accident won't happen and no one else will lose their lives. This will help your employees feel safe at work again.
So follow these six steps to do this investigation:
Step 1: Get your investigation team together;
Step 2: Collect all the physical evidence you can from the scene of the accident;
Step 3: Speak to the witnesses that saw the accident happen;
Step 4: Speak to the safety officer that was on duty at the time of the accident;
Step 5: Discuss all your findings with your investigation team; and
Step 6: Report back to your health and safety committee and discuss how to solve the problem.
Then all you have to do is implement the health and safety changes and inform your employees of the improvements you've made to prevent these accidents in future. This will help your employees feel safe knowing this accident won't happen again.

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If an employee dies on the job, this is the process you need to follow
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