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If an employee without first aid training tries to help an injured colleague, it could land him in jail

by , 10 September 2014
First aid is important in your workplace and it's a legal requirement. That's why you have to appoint and train a first aider.

But what happens if one of your employees tries to be the hero and jumps in to help without having any first aid training?

It may shock you, but this act could actually land your employee in jail.

Here's why...


Here's why your employee may land in jail for doing first aid without the training

It's your job to protect all your employees. That may even mean protecting them from actions that could send them to jail. So you need to explain to them that they can't do first aid unless they have the training and qualification to do so.
The reason for this is if something goes wrong with the person they're trying to help, they're liable. This is because they tried to do something they have no clue how to do.
Let's say, they want to help someone who cut his arm very badly. He does what he saw the first aider do before. The cut goes septic and the employee loses his arm. He takes the other employee to court for negligence.
In this situation, he probably won't go to jail but if that employee died from blood poisoning he could.
To avoid this, tell your employees to do this.
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Here what your employees must do to avoid this situation

Your employees must always call your appointed first aider and let them handle the situation.
If they really want to help and be part of the first aid team, they should let you know and ask to do the training. This way they can help in emergencies without the risk of going to jail.
Remind your employees of this so they don't end up in jail just for trying to help someone.

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If an employee without first aid training tries to help an injured colleague, it could land him in jail
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