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If safety is a problem in your workplace, it's time to find out about safety audits

by , 04 August 2014
Let's say you've put your health and safety programme into action. The problem is you still seem to have safety issues on site.

This means something isn't working right in your programme. You need to find out what went wrong and deal with it.

If you don't know how to do this, then it's time you find out about safety audits...

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Here's what a safety audit is

The normal purpose of an audit is for you to prove you've complied with the OHS Act.
But if you still can't identify what going wrong with your health and safety, a full safety audit will help you get to the root of the problem. 
This is because you can speak to the people who have to deal with your health and safety programme and the dangers that are still present. 
It's a good idea to do an internal safety audit before the DoL does one to check your compliance.
This way you catch the problems before you have to face a DoL inspector and explain why your employees still have accidents.
So here's what you must do during this internal safety audit.

Here's how to do an internal safety audit

1. Ask one of your employees that has done his audit training and has 20 hours of audit experiences to do the internal audit.
2. Create a plan of all the people you must speak to and the questions you must ask them about your health and safety programme.
3. Conduct your safety audit interviews with your employees and remember to be very clear about the point of this audit. It's not to get anyone in problem but rather to fix the problems that are still there.
4. Create an audit report of all of your findings.
5. Create a plan of action for the future that outlines how to maintain the safety measures that work and how to fix the ones that don't.
This way you can fix the problems in your workplace health and safety before the DoL inspector comes to inspect your business.
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Can an HSE officer do induction training?
According to the OHSA, you must do induction training for new employees, external contract workers, even employees returning from maternity leave. And every time there's new legislation, or if you have a new safety process or equipment.
It sounds like you could be doing induction every month! And who has the time to create proper training material? And ensure its correct?
So, I did some research to see what Induction training is available to make your job easier.

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If safety is a problem in your workplace, it's time to find out about safety audits
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