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If serious accidents happen in your workplace, the DoL will do the following...

by , 01 September 2014
When serious accidents happen at work, the DoL HAS to get involved.

It needs to know if someone in your company broke the rules and, as a result, caused the accident. And it need to know if it sent employees to the hospital or the morgue.

But dealing with the DoL can be daunting . You need to know what it's going to do when it pitches up.

That's why today, we're revealing how the DoL will get involved after a serious accident.


Here's what the DoL will do after there's a serious accident in your workplace

One of the first things the DoL will do after an accident, is set a date for an inquiry. This is basically an investigation and hearing to determine why the accident happened.
As part of this investigation, the DoL will need evidence.
To get this evidence, it'll send an inspector to the scene of the accident. Here, the inspector with look for physical evidence and take samples and photos of the damage.
He'll also want to interview witnesses and anyone who why involved in the accident.
All of this becomes part of their evidence for the hearing.
But the DoL's involvement doesn't end after the hearing.
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Here's what the DoL will do after the inquiry 

If the DoL finds that you or your employees are responsible for the accident, it'll put prohibitions in place until you can resolve the problem internally. 
It does this to ensure accidents like this don't happen again.
And if it finds that you or your employees caused the death of other employees through your actions, you may even face jail time. 
If this happens to you, ensure you comply with all of the DoL's requests. After all, it's simply trying to ensure no one gets hurt in a similar accident.

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If serious accidents happen in your workplace, the DoL will do the following...
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