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If there's a fire at work make sure your employees don't 'Stop! Drop! And roll!'

by , 04 September 2014
People tend to panic in emergencies. They freeze, go blank or just do the first thing they think they should do. Now, in a fire, the first thing that may pop into your employees' heads is the well known 'Stop! Drop! And roll' advice.

Sadly though, following that safety saying could put them in danger.

That's why it's important to ensure your employees know, understand and follow the correct procedures when it comes to emergencies...


Ensure your employees have been trained on what to do in case of a workplace fire

Instinct is the strongest response in dangerous situations. That's why you must train your employees so thoroughly on your fire safety procedures that they become instinctual.
These procedures must include:
- Your evacuation procedures;
- How to use firefighting equipment; and
- How to help anyone who's struggling to get out of the building.
By ensuring your employees know how to do these things, they'll respond correctly in this emergency situation.
But it's important not to just training them. You must also do this to ensure they follow the procedures instinctually.
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If there was a fire, violent strike or explosion in your company, would your first aider know what to do?
Do your first aiders know what it is?

One more thing you can do to ensure your employees automatically follow your fire safety procedures

You must drill these procedures into your employees' minds by doing regularly fire drills. This is as simple as setting off your fire alarm and instructing your employees to react the way they would in a real fire situation.
The more you get your employees to practice these procedures, the easier it'll be to remember them if they ever need to.
So don't just leave your employees to stop, drop and roll. Train them on the correct procedures to follow during a fire.

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If there's a fire at work make sure your employees don't 'Stop! Drop! And roll!'
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