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If you fail an environmental safety audit, you may face a R5 million penalty

by , 17 September 2014
Recently I spoke to an acquaintance who works as a health and safety auditor. While discussing the topic of health and safety audits, he mentioned that the penalty for failing an environment safety audit is R5 million. And that's only for your first offence. If the DoL finds you guilty for a second time it goes up to R10 million.

That's enough to put your company completely out of business, all because you didn't operate in an environmentally conscious way.

To avoid complete financial disaster, ensure you take these steps to maintain your company's affect on the environment...


Here's the first step you must take to ensure your pass an environmental safety audit

The first thing you must do to ensure you don't face a R5 million fine is to draw up an Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register. This document will outline the impact your company has on the environment around it.
This document will guide you through the process so you can ensure you deal with the negative effects your company has on the environment. 
Here's what you should include in it...
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Here's what to include in your Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register

Include your company's environmental aspect.  These could be any activities, products or services that can interact with the environment. 
This aspect can be:
Direct: Activities your company has an influence on and/or control. For example, leaking drums contaminating soil in the yard.
Indirect: Actual or potential activities which your company has control. For example, suppliers' delivery truck spilling diesel in the yard.
Then you must include your environmental impact. This is any change in the environment, whether positive or negative, that results from the company's activities, products or services.
For example, leaking drums have an environmental impact as they pollute soil while standing in the yard. Delivery trucks leaking diesel and oil can cause soil pollution: Both are typical examples of environmental impact.
So ensure you have an Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register in place as your first step towards environmental compliance.

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If you fail an environmental safety audit, you may face a R5 million penalty
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