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If your business activities put your employees' lives in danger, you need to take these four extra precautions

by , 12 January 2015
If you think about business activities that put employees' lives in danger, you probably think about mining, manufacturing or construction companies.

But what if I told you corporate business activities also put employees in danger.

What about if your businesses very nature puts your employees at risk. After all, last week the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris was the victim of a terror attack for this very reason.

Three gunmen walked into the office, shot at the magazine's employees and killed 12 of them.

Reports claim the gunmen shouted 'The prophet has been avenged' as they fled. This suggests the attack was a response to an Islamic satire the magazine printed.

So ask yourself, are your business activities putting this your employees in a similar danger?

If they are, take these four precautions...

Four precautions you must take if your business activities put your employees at risk of a terror attack

  1. Hire security guards
Security is an important part of protecting your employees from this kind of danger. Your security company must train all its guards in hand-to-hand combat and gun handling.
This way, if someone tries to carry out a terror attack in your office, your guard could take on the attacker.
Your security company should also offer a fast reacting armed response unit. So your office security guards can call for back up in a deadly situation.
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  1. Access control system
Have an access control system that only lets people into your office if they have an access tag or code.
If a stranger comes to your office, they must stay outside until someone can verify who they are and why they're there.
  1. Security cameras
Install security cameras in and around your office. This way, you can see if there are any suspicious people near your office. If you see anyone like this, alert the police and your security company.
Make sure you have a way to record the footage from your security cameras so you can show the police what you saw.
  1. Create a panic room
A panic room will keep your employees safe if there's an attack on your workplace. And it doesn't have to be a steel reinforced room with 30cm thick metal doors either. Simply replace all your windows with bullet-proof glass and replace the doors with reinforced fire doors. This will create a safe zone for your employees. This means everyone will be safe until your security guards can deal with the situation.
It's important to remember that not all workplace dangers are direct like machinery or electrical work. Indirect hazards, such as angry people who want to hurt your company for what it does, are much harder to predict or control.
That's why these extra precautions are so important if, like Charlie Hebdo, your employees' lives are in danger because of what your company does.
Remember, an evacuation plan is also an important part of dealing with emergencies like this. Check out the Fire Safety Toolkit to get a customisable evacuation plan for your company. 

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If your business activities put your employees' lives in danger, you need to take these four extra precautions
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