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If your employees work in a dangerous environment, give them this...

by , 19 November 2014
If your employees face danger everyday you need to give them equipment to protect themselves. If they work in dangerous environments, like under ground, at raised heights or in isolated areas, they need this even more.

But what if normal safety equipment isn't enough? What if something terrible happens and your employees end up trapped?

What can you do to help them in this situation?

Read on to find out what it is...


Give your employees this to help them if something terrible happens

If your employees work in dangerous areas you should give them survival kits. These kits contains everything they need to survive just in case something goes really wrong.
For example, if your employees work underground they could end up trapped because of a rock fall.
If this happens it could take a while before you can get them out. In the mean time, they need a way to survive.
That's where the survival kit comes in. 
Here are nine items you should include in your employee's survival kit.
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Put these nine items in your employee's survival kit

1. Bottles of water;
2. Bandages;
3. Antibiotics;
4. Disinfectant;
5. Small oxygen tanks; 
6. Torches;
7. Face masks;
8. Plasters; and
9. Basic food packs.
These nine basics will help your employees survive while you try to get them help. 
Just remember, if your employees have to carry these kits around with them they mustn't be too heavy. Find a way to pack all these essentials in a way that it won't be too heavy.
Giving your employees a survival kit could save their lives and ensure you can get them out safely.

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If your employees work in a dangerous environment, give them this...
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