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Include this one vital topic in your first aiders' training to protect them from HIV when dealing with injured employees

by , 07 November 2014
When you select and appoint first aiders in your workplace, you need to give them first aid training. This will ensure they can do the job you've given them.

But you mustn't just train them on how to do CRP or bandage a wound.

You also need to include this one very important topic in their training so you can protect them against HIV in the workplace.

Read on to find out what it is...


When you train your first aiders, be sure to include this topic

The topic you need to include is: What safety equipment your first aiders can use to protect themselves against HIV.
Your first aiders have the highest risk of contracting HIV at work because they may have to treat someone who's bleeding.
This is why they need to know what they must do to protect themselves. 
For example, they need to know that they must wear latex gloves no matter who they treat and what for, just in case that person has the virus. 
They also need to use mouth guards if they give someone CPR so they don't come into contact with the other person's bodily fluids.
But you mustn't just teach them what to use...
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You also need to train your first aiders on how to use their equipment

Teach your first aiders how they must use the equipment to ensure it's effective. For example, show them how to put the gloves on correctly so they don't tear.
This training is vital to the safety of your first aiders, so do it properly. 
For everything else you need to know about HIV training in the workplace, check out HIV – Training in a Box

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