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Introducing the one person who'll make all the difference to your health and safety programme

by , 18 August 2014
Do you manage your health and safety single-handily? That's quite a task for one person when you consider the fact all the different steps you must take and the documents you must keep.

Why would you want to do all that alone? Especially since the OHS Act itself suggests you have someone to help you carry the load.

There's one specific person it says you need by your side to help carry the load and make it easier to keep your employees safe.

Here's who I'm talking about...


Why manage your health and safety alone when the OHS Act recommends you appoint a helping hand?

A safety officer is the single most important person in your health and safety team. He's the person who'll share the responsibility with you, observe your employees on a day-to-day business and maintain the documents you need for health and safety.
He'll also help you develop new safety measures to improve health and safety.
So while you get on with other aspects of your business you can rest assured that your safety officer has everything under control.
Here's what to consider when you chose your safety officer.
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If there's one thing that could make your life easier in 2014, then it's got to be this quite brilliant training tool.

With instant access to the most up-to-date and legally compliant versions of every training document you'll ever need, you'll very quickly be able to cut down the time and effort it takes you to carry out your Health and Safety training role.

Consider these things when you appoint you health and safety officer

Before you appoint a health and safety officer consider:
The number of staff in your business;
The number of hazardous jobs; and
The size and sector of the business.
 The larger your company is the more safety officers you'll need to watch over and manage the day-to-day health and safety in your company.
Once you've determined how many safety officers you need, you must select and appoint the willing employees.
Remember to give all your safety officers the relevant training so they can do their job properly. To do this, check this out.

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Introducing the one person who'll make all the difference to your health and safety programme
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