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Is a nail poking out of your wall enough of a risk to report?

by , 16 August 2013
In a busy office, it's easy to overlook minor health and safety risks. You could be on your way to the printer when you brush past a wall and get a scratch by a nail that's poking out. You'll say 'ouch' and carry on with your day. Imagine how many other people have a scratch by that very same nail.

Is this enough of a risk for you to report? Keep reading to find out

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Is a nail poking out of your wall enough of a risk to report?
Yes! A nail in your wall is a very serious risk to the health and safety of your employees!  That's why you need to report any incident that happens in your office. You might find that the maintenance guys forgot to hammer the nail in when they finished their work. You must fix it quickly before someone gets seriously injured.
Keep reading to find out two types of incidents you need to report!
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Two types of incidents you'd need to report
You must report incidents to the Department of Labour, and when someone is injured you must also report it to the Compensation Commissioner. 
So if a nail in the wall hurts your employees, you must report it, especially if your employee has to take time off to see a doctor. If your employees trip on a loose carpet or slips on a flight of stairs, you must report these incidents as well.

Here are two types of incidents you need to report.
Incident#1: Report any injury on duty that'll need your employee to take time away from work. For example your employee tripped on a loose carpet and fell. He sprained his ankle and can't walk very well. Report this to the Department of Labour using the Annexure 1 form and to the Compensation Commissioner and make sure you use the W.CL. 2 form.
Incident#2: Report any work related diseases or incidents that are harmful to your employees' health to the Compensation Commissioner. Take a look at page 28 of chapter I01 of the Health and Safety Advisor for a list of recorded work related diseases (Schedule 3 of COIDA). For example your employee saw the doctor during the weekend because his chest hurt. The doctor finds that the air quality at work is very poor and it's the reason your employee's sick. Report this type of incident on form W.CL. 1.
To understand how to report an incident, turn to chapter I02 of your Health and Safety Advisor. With this useful chapter you'll easily train your employees to investigate an incident so they can keep safe from risks! If you're not subscribed yet, click here to get it now.
Keep safe,
Miriro Matema
Managing Editor: Health and Safety Training Manual
P.S. I'm confident the Health and Safety Advisor will help keep you be 100% compliant. Order your copy today and get a 90-day money back guarantee.

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Is a nail poking out of your wall enough of a risk to report?
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