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Is sitting at your desk slowly killing you? Could the Standing Desk be a new trend in 2015?

by , 27 February 2015
What do you do at your workplace all day? I know, you'll say that you work. But if you're anything like me, you're also sitting for at least eight hours at your desk, in front of your computer.

But do you think how much this is actually affecting you? And leading you to poor work performance in the long run? Also, the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes increases with the lack of moving for such a long period of time.

It's a known fact that every day of sitting affects your internal organs. Can you do anything about this?

Find out more about this below!

A standing desk seems to be a good alternative, although for some employees it isn't the most convenient option. But you have two options here, so which one do you want: Sciatica or a standing desk?

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Of course, spending so many hours standing is also not a great idea, but alternating between the two could be the solution. Factories have even developed adjustable desks.

Do you think this is a suitable change in work schedule? Do you think it would be possible to implement it at your workplace? Keep in mind that the average time we spend sitting, when it comes about work in an office, reaches almost 9 hours every day.

Shocking, isn't it? You can be sure the numbers are right if you think that you're sitting in your car while driving to work, sitting at the office and later sleeping only to restart the schedule of sitting the very next day.

Do you find this similar to your everyday work schedule?

A standing desk changes so many things when it comes to our health. We should also remember to move around the office, take breaks, or take short walks, even if only for five minutes.

It's the habit of not moving or barely moving that we have to replace.

You'll have more energy simply because your body will be more active and you'll also burn calories easily. Eating while sitting for eight hours can't be that healthy, can it?

So keep in mind that even to some people it may sound ridiculous, it is an important change one could make for his own health.

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Is sitting at your desk slowly killing you? Could the Standing Desk be a new trend in 2015?
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