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Is your forklift operator over the alcohol limit?

by , 11 December 2015
Picture this...

Pete, your forklift operator, partied too hard the night before and arrives at work still very tipsy.

We know this is a major safety hazard!

Your company can get a fine from the DoL, and Pete could land himself up in hospital or worse... put others in danger.

But, how do you legally deal with Pete?

Read on and I'll tell you the exact steps to handle his drunken behaviour...

20-25% of injuries in the workplace involve drunk employees.

Don't let your business be a statistic…

With the Ultimate guide to workplace breathalysers you can stop alcohol induced injuries in your workplace today! Simply by implementing breathalyser testing in your company.

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Your first step is to look out for these signs in your employee

11 Signs your employee's drunk or drugged
  1. Bloodshot eyes;
  2. Slurred speech;
  3. The smell of alcohol on his breath;
  4. Unsteadiness on his feet;
  5. Excessive sweating;
  6. Excessive thirst;
  7. Dishevelled appearance;
  8. Aggressive, abusive, arrogant or out of character behaviour;
  9. Continuous or hilarious laughing or giggling for no reason;
  10. Staring fixedly at one particular thing and seldom blinking; and
  11. Movements that are jerky, or repetitive (hands, feet etc.).
If he shows any of these signs, give him a breathalyser test to assess if he is over the acceptable level.

A breathalyser test is used to measure the blood alcohol level of a person. It measures the blood alcohol content (BAC) from the breath of a person. The legal blood alcohol limit is 0,5% or 0,24 mg per 1000ml breath.

Let's take a quick look at how it works…


Being drunk at work constitutes misconduct!

You can dismiss your employee.

But, you must have an alcohol company policy in place. And communicate it to all your employees. It must regulate the consumption of alcohol on and off the company premises.

Click here to get your hands on the sample policy and your Ultimate guide to workplace breathalysers.


How does a breathalyser test work?

1.    A person blows into the breathalyser;
2.    If the dark orange crystals change to a green colour then it's an indication that the person is intoxicated. The darker the green, the more alcohol is present in the blood.

This is a simple breathalyser test, but there are other breathalysers available that measures the breath alcohol content (BAC) in electronic format.

Remember, not only is it against the OHSA to allow intoxicated employees on the premises, but it also creates a financial and productivity burden on you. Employees have to be sent home and someone else has to take over their duties.

For more information on handling drunk employees, and to find out exactly how to do a breathalyser test, order your copy of the 'Ultimate Guide to Workplace Breathalysers' today!

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