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It may be cold out, but heating your offices could be a HEALTH and safety disaster!

by , 23 June 2014
The common cold isn't a health risk you'd think you'd need to protect your employees from during winter. After all, they could get it anywhere, so how could you control it.

But, remember, it's called HEALTH and safety for a reason. You still need to protect your employees from getting sick at work. Even if getting sick means catching the flu.

And as the old wives tail goes, if you're cold, you'll get sick or you'll 'catch your death', the shock of moving from the cold outside to a hot inside can make your employees sick.

Keep reading to find out how keeping your office warm and toasty could make your employees sick at work...

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Germs love the warmth too and that can cause a health issue

In winter, everyone is a germ target and there's a reason for that. You can kill off germs with below zero or above boiling temperatures, but when your office is a nice and toasty 22 degrees, the germs are as happy as your employees are.
So when your employee Joe comes into the office with his cold and sneezes everywhere, he spreads his germs.
Those germs then thrive in the warmth and make everyone else sick. 
There's one more way that your heated office could make your employees vulnerable to winter illnesses though...

That heater could be shocking your employees' airways and making them susceptible to health issues

When your employees come into your nice warm office and breathe in the warm air, it shocks their airways.
The sudden change from extreme cold to warmth can cause their sinuses to become inflamed. Germs can affect inflamed sinuses much faster than normal.
So before you crank up that heater this winter, consider the effect it might have on your employees' health. 

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It may be cold out, but heating your offices could be a HEALTH and safety disaster!
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