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It's cold and so are your employees - And that's an accident waiting to happen

by , 23 June 2014
According to B2bInsights.com, when your employees are cold, they're vulnerable to conditions like frostbite and possibly hypothermia.

But the cold doesn't just affect them directly. It affects the way they work and that can lead to bigger workplace accidents.

The cold can affect your sense of touch, smell, sight, your muscles and your ability to think. Now consider your employees who feel this way while they're doing dangerous work.

Luckily, you can control these health and safety disasters from happening with the right winter safety precautions...

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Extreme cold can increase workplace hazards and risks

Let's say your employees have to move boxes from one place to another in the cold. This isn't really a problem if they're nice and warm. But it's a problem if they're cold because this means their muscles are cold.
Your employees are more likely to hurt their backs or pull a muscle when it's cold. So rather ask your employees to do very physical work later in the day, when their bodies have had a chance to warm up. 
The cold also affects your employees' ability to hold or use tools properly. Have you ever tried to hold a pen and write when you hands are extremely cold? It's the same problem your employees are having. 
If they can't feel what the tool is doing or grasp it properly, it's possible that they'll drop it and injure themselves. 
We suggest you give your employees proper safety gloves that'll help them grip their tools and keep their hands warm.
The last affect of the cold is a lot harder to deal with...
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If your employees can't recognise a workplace hazard because of the cold, it could spell disaster

Extreme cold can affect your ability to think and make clear judgements. Your employees might not be able to judge a situation properly because they're too cold to think. This leads to all sorts of accident risks and there's not much you can do about it.
If it gets this cold, you're better off halting work for that day.
Remember these winter safety tips to protect your employees during this bitter winter chill. 

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It's cold and so are your employees - And that's an accident waiting to happen
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