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It's your job to protect your employees from these four natural disasters

by , 05 September 2014
When it comes to keeping your employees safe, it's not just machinery accidents you have to worry about. You need to think about nature too.

You see, old Mother Nature can be very dangerous.

Whoever first said 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn' was probably talking about her.

Nature can cause some of the worst emergency situations in your workplace. To ensure these emergencies don't claim the lives of your employees, protect them from these four natural disasters...


These are the four natural disasters you must protect your employees from

#1 Fire: This is a natural disaster that'll take out anything in its way. That includes your workplace and your employees. If you don't put the right emergency safety measures in place – such as fire extinguishers – your employees could be in danger. 
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#2 Violent storms: If you have an office with lots of windows, a storm could cause serious damage by breaking them. If your employees sit near any of these windows, they could be in danger of a fatal accident. Instruct all your employees to move into the centre of the office away from the windows.
#3 Strong winds: Just like storms, wind can cause serious damage to your workplace. Let's say, the wind is so strong it pulls part of your roof off. This will cause a dangerous situation as support structures may fall – possibly on your employees – and expose the electrical cables too.
#4 Earthquakes: With three earthquakes happening in South Africa in the last year, it's becoming a bigger and bigger danger. If there's an earthquake, you must get your employees out of the building as fast as possible. 
There you have it. If you want to ensure your employees don't suffer serious injuries at the hands of Mother Nature, take steps now to protect them from these four natural disasters. 

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It's your job to protect your employees from these four natural disasters
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