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Joseph has six responsibilities when he stumbles across a workplace emergency

by , 13 October 2014
Your employees Joseph walks into your service room and discovers your circuit board blew. Now there are lives wires all over the floor and your IT manager James is lying unconscious on the floor after a massive electric shock.

This is an emergency situation and as the person who discovered it, Joseph has six responsibilities.

Read on to discover what they are...


Here are Joseph's six responsibilities after discovering an emergency

1. Joseph must sound the alarm. Because of the danger of this situation, you might need to evacuate your workplace so you can get professionals in to fix your circuit. 
2. He must tell your first aiders that James needs medical attention. He must do this as fast as he can so they can get him the help he needs.
3. Joseph must evacuate the building with the rest of your employees. At this point, he can't do anything else to help.
Joseph's other three duties come later when you deal with the aftermath of the emergency. 
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Here are Joseph's three responsibilities after the emergency

4. Joseph must give you a detailed account of what he saw when he discovered the emergency. This is part of your accident investigation and he must be as detailed as possible.
5. He must give you a witness's account to help with James' COID claim. This will help if the Compensation Commissioner needs more information about James' injury.
6. If there's a criminal investigation, Joseph must give an official statement to the police. This might only happen if the accident leads to death or if you believe someone intentionally caused the accident.
 If your employees fulfil these duties, it will help you get your employees out during the emergency and deal with it afterwards.
And since accidents happen, we advise you check out the Emergency First Aid CD so your first aiders will always know what to do. 

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Joseph has six responsibilities when he stumbles across a workplace emergency
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