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Make sure your Principal Contractor includes these nine things in the Health and Safety Plan

by , 26 October 2015
Once you, as the client, have drawn up a Health and Safety Specification, it's up to your Principal

Contractor to draw up a Health and Safety Plan.

The Plan will help everyone deal with all health and safety matters in the correct manner from the beginning to end of any construction project.

Not having one can lead to the DoL shutting down construction on your site.

Here are nine things your Principal Contractor must include in the Health and Safety Plan:

1.      The issuing and maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and what types you might need.
2.      Method statements.
3.      Risk Assessment procedures.
4.      Health and safety training for all of your staff.
5.      Safe work procedures.
6.      Steps for any incident investigations.

Do you know the internal and external processes you must follow when conducting an incident investigation?

Whenever you place a claim for one of your employees with COID, the Compensation Commissioner examines your incident report in great detail.

He checks that every detail of the workplace accident or occupational injury has been included along with all the details of your investigations.

Miss just one point and he'll delay your claim and compensation will now be your problem!
That's why you need to follow the correct internal and external processes the first time around.
Find out how here

7.      Fall protection.
8.      Legal appointments.
9.      The scope of work to be done.

*Note the Health and Safety Plan must be based on your Health and Safety Specification and a copy of it must be kept on site at all times. Also, ensure the Principal Contractor completes a Health and Safety Plan BEFORE starting any construction work.

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Make sure your Principal Contractor includes these nine things in the Health and Safety Plan
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