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Make your health and safety inspections a breeze with these ten expert tips

by , 15 December 2014
To keep your workplace running effectively and safely, you need to do health and safety inspections to make sure everything works as it should and everyone does what you tell them to.

To do this, you need to do health and safety inspections.

These help you check the state of your health and safety programme. For example, by inspecting the condition of your safety equipment.

But these inspections can take a long time and a lot of preparation.

To help you save time and effort, I'm giving you ten expert tips that will turn your health and safety inspections into a breeze...

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Use these ten tips to do your health and safety inspections quickly and easily

1. Get your health and safety representative to help you with the inspection. Train your health and safety reps immediately after appointing them and before they start their duties. This way, when you need to do an inspection they'll know what to do and how to help.
2. Customise your health and safety inspection document for the specific area and make it user-friendly, but effective. You can find all the documents you need in Your 29 Essential Health & Safety Inspection Checklist.
3. Spend more time on completing the inspection document effectively and correctly. 
4. Set aside enough time for you and your reps to devote to health and safety inspections. If you have to rush through the inspection, you'll probably make a mistake and then you'll have to redo the whole process anyway.
5. Involve managers, as well as the reps, in inspections. They must show support and highlight neglected areas. This way, the inspection won't be biased.
6. Don't only bring the results of the inspections to your health and safety committee meetings.  Also make them part of toolbox, safety and environmental talks. 
7. Encourage your reps to approach and question fellow employees during the inspections. This way they can gather information from them and find out about problems that aren't apparent at first. 
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8. Make sure the relevant senior manager reviews and signs off the inspection document. This way you know they're aware of the problems you need to fix. 
9. Give feedback on issues you identified in the inspection document. For example, ask why management hasn't done anything to fix an existing problem. Ask if it's the cost, or something else.
10. When you appoint reps and do inspections with them, try to make them enthusiastic about their role. Hold workshops to improve knowledge and skills so they're comfortable with their duties. This way they'll complete their inspections quickly and efficiently.
These ten tips will improve the way you do health and safety inspections in your workplace so you get it done quickly and efficiently. 
PS. I have one last tip for you to get your inspections done in no time. Get your hands on Your 29 Essential Health & Safety Inspection Checklist and you'll get all the inspection documents you need. 

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Make your health and safety inspections a breeze with these ten expert tips
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