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Manager presence: A bigger health and safety risk than you know

by , 11 August 2014
Anytime you do safety audits, inspections or risk assessments, you need to be on site to observe your employees. But this has its drawbacks.

Some employees may feel incredibly nervous if they see you standing watching them.

This doesn't just mean you won't get the information you want from your observation, it also means your employees won't concentrate on what they're doing.

So next time you do an observation on site, ask yourself: Is your presences a bigger health and safety risk than you realise?

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Could your presence on site be a health and safety risk?

If your presence on site makes your employees nervous, they won't be able to concentrate. And as you know, if you don't concentrate on something you can't do it properly, let alone safely.
If your employees can't concentrate, they're more likely to have accidents and seriously injure themselves. 
This could all be because of your presence on site. And that makes you a safety risk in your own workplace.
You can avoid this problem though. All you need to do is keep your employees informed.

You can avoid this health and safety issue if you simply keep your employees informed

If you just arrive on site and don't tell your employees, it's going to make them nervous. They may think you're there to shout at them for doing something wrong. 
But if tell them what you're there to do, they'll relax and feel more at easy in your presence. If you can achieve this, you can get the right information from your onsite observation and your employees will stay safe.
So be friendly when you speak to your employees and don't forget to inform them about why you're watching them work.

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Manager presence: A bigger health and safety risk than you know
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