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McDonald's worker faints and shuts down entire restaurant! Here's how to avoid a ventilation pitfall like this in your office

by , 22 July 2013
The McDonalds owners in Washington Heights didn't see the broken air conditioner as a big deal. But when a worker collapsed in the kitchen on the hottest day of the year, the entire restaurant's staff walked out in protest! Don't let your business come to a standstill because of these ventilation mistakes...

The Huffington Post reports that a McDonald's worker in New York collapsed from overheating. This after she had to work in a kitchen with a broken air conditioner.

Proof that not only is good ventilation essential for your employee's comfort, it can have serious health consequences as well.

The Health and Safety Advisor lists these ventilation pitfalls, and how you can avoid them…

Don't let furniture or handbags block up air vents

You must keep every vent in the workplace clear. Think about it: If half your workplace's air vents are blocked, then your ventilation is 50% less than it should be. That means your workers get less oxygen, which affects performance.

Form good hygiene habits

Ensure that the workplace is clean and odour-free. If an area tends to have odour troubles, don't just stick air freshener on the wall! If you mask the smell, it'll only add more pollutants to the air. Instead, install extractors to purify the air.

Beware dust traps

Two little-known dust magnets are computer monitors and pot plants. Both of these gather dust at rapid rates if they're not cleaned and maintained properly. The more dust is in the air, the more allergic reactions you risk among your employees.

Keep a safe and comfortable temperature

As the McDonalds case shows, the temperature of your workplace is crucial to productivity. Your employees become distracted if it's too cold or lethargic if it's too hot. Drastic temperature changes can be really dangerous. Ensure your workplace has a consistent temperature that's comfortable for all employees. Ideally this should be between 21°C and 23°C, reports FSP Business.

Avoid these ventilation pitfalls to ensure your workplace is comfortable and hygienic for years to come.

Turn to chapter V02 of your Health and Safety Advisor to get the nine steps to ensure proper ventilation in the workplace.


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McDonald's worker faints and shuts down entire restaurant! Here's how to avoid a ventilation pitfall like this in your office
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