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Mind your step! Four tips to prevent this common workplace accident

by , 06 September 2015
We've all lost count of the amount of times we've been walking along a walkway and have almost fallen. The sudden thud or slide in your foot could have had a number of causes ranging from a small stone, to raised cement in the path, to items that weren't cleared from the walkway.

The fact of the matter is that if an employee was to fall, and the chances are definitely there, a serious workplace accident could result!

So teach your staff these four simple tips to protect themselves:

1. Look before you walk! An employee can easily look well ahead of them while they're walking and so he won't be able to see any hazards directly in front of him.

Encourage your employees to carefully look where they put their feet.
2. Wear shoes that won't slip! Shoes that are made with good grips are important for preventing any falling or slipping at work.
Encourage your staff to wear such shoes unless you have already prescribed as Personal Protective Equipment.

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3. If you see a spill, clean it up. Your staff should take responsibility for each other. If an employee sees something 'small' that could cause harm, she should clean it up even if she didn't create the spill.

If a hazard is more serious, encourage your employees to report it immediately and warn other staff members of it.
4. Ensure good housekeeping and storage techniques so that nothing's lying on the walkways and passages. 
So there are four useful tips to give to your employees in avoiding any workplace accidents due to not minding their step.

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Mind your step! Four tips to prevent this common workplace accident
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