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News: DoL launches investigation into Murray and Roberts's temporary-bridge collapse

by , 22 October 2015
The Department of Labour has opened up investigations after a temporary bridge, in Johannesburg, collapsed this passed Wednesday.

As reported by the SABC, the event killed two and injured 21 – of which two remain in Intensive care.

The bridge was intended to be temporary while another permanent bridge was being completed.

The construction company responsible for building the bridge, namely Murray and Roberts, have also launched an investigation into the cause of the collapsed structure. Also, they have reportedly offered to contribute towards the funerals and hospital fees of all those concerned.

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According to Johannesburg city's mayor, Parks Tau: 'We've urged and said to the JDA we'll be appointing an engineering company on our behalf that we would want a swift report to be given back to the city so that necessary corrective action can take place. On behalf of the people of this country, no doubt this is one of the most unfortunate incidents we've experienced particularly on a construction site.'

Managing director of Lehumo Capital, Martin Lentsoane, was quoted in saying: "The news around the company would be negative after the accident, and this contributed to the fall in the shares. There are questions on how the bridge was constructed, there could be lawsuits, regulators will be investigating. All these could be more bad news." 

According to IOL, Murray and Roberts's shares have taken a huge knock as a result of the incident.

And as reported SABC, the DoL's preliminary report should be in this week.

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News: DoL launches investigation into Murray and Roberts's temporary-bridge collapse
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