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NEWS: Miners get R464 million compensation for health and safety claim

by , 09 March 2016
Gold-mining giants Anglo American South Africa and AngloGold Ashanti recently announced that they had settled the claims of around 4400 miners, amounting to a total of R464 million.

Why are they doing this? 
This compensation comes in the wake of miners' claims that they had fallen very ill, with silicosis and silico-tuberculosis, as a direct result of working on the gold mines and being exposed to large amounts of silica dust. .
The case, which was set for arbitration in April, reached an out-of-court agreement, which culminated in the mining companies agreeing to pay the total amount into an independent trust fund, which will have attached eligibility criteria for the miners concerned.

But this result is only a 'speck of dust' in the bigger scheme of things, as there is a massive class action case still being pushed forward in the courts, in which tens of thousands of miners are making similar claims against a whopping 32 mining companies.

So it's clear that the whole battle is far from over...

Do you know what incidents your company can claim for?
Can you claim from COID if your employee:
1. Sustains an injury during his lunch break? 
2. Is involved in a car accident on a business trip abroad?
3. Falls down your office building's stairs?
4. Burns himself with hot water while making coffee?
5. Breaks his finger when closing your company door after hours?
If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above, you need our help!
What can you learn from this?

The message to be learned from this troubling news is very clear. You simply HAVE TO put the health and safety of your employees
FIRST, especially when they work in hazardous conditions.

You should try to lower the risks in the workplace as much as is humanly possible, and should NEVER ignore even the slightest hint of danger to your workers.

You should:

·         Carry out regular hazard identification sessions and risk assessments in order to identify any hazards and put preventative measures in place.

·         Provide relevant training to all of your staff;

·         Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where necessary; and

·         If need be, you should implement medical surveillance, all with the intention of looking after your employees, etc.  

IN OTHER WORDS, you should tackle the root of the problem, instead of simply treating the symptoms through hefty compensation payments.

But now you may be wondering: 'How can I do all this in the workplace?' Well, the answer is simple!

The Health and Safety Advisor can provide you with the peace of mind that you're legally compliant with all health and safety-related issues, including how to carry out risk assessments, medical surveillance, how and when to provide PPE in various situations and much more!

So I recommend that you click here today and avoid the heavy health-and-safety obstacle that various mining companies are facing in the country.
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NEWS: Miners get R464 million compensation for health and safety claim
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