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Nine steps to help your driver to apply for a PrDP

by , 18 September 2013
Truck owner Gregory Govender has accused his driver Sanele May of deceiving him by providing fraudulent documents when he applied for his job. May was charged with 22 counts of murder after his 18-wheeler truck ploughed into four minibus taxis and a car on 5 September in Pinetown, News24 reports. According to the report, Govender said his company has found that May's SA traffic register certificate was fraudulent and that his public driving permit (PDP) was also fraudulent. Luckily, you can avoid this scenario. If your drivers use vehicles that require a Professional Driving Permit (PrDP), it's in your best interest to ensure they have a valid permit. Here's how to help your drivers to apply for a PrDP.

Do you know that not having a professional driving permit is the most common reason insurance companies reject claims for company drivers involved in accidents?

That's right. But that's not all you should be worried about.

Ensuring that your drivers are compliant with the National Road Traffic Act is your responsibility, says the Health&Safety Advisor.

If your company drivers require a PrDP follow these nine steps to help them apply for it

Step 1: Your employee can only obtain a professional driving permit if he:

  • Has a valid driving license for the type of vehicle in question.
  • Has been certified as medically fit by a doctor.
  • Has been certified by an approved training body (only required for certain types of vehicle).
  • Hasn't been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless or negligent driving, or a violent offence.
  • Has never had his driver's license suspended.

Step 2: There are 3 categories for which your employee can apply.

A PrDP applies to the following motor vehicle categories:

#1: Category G

G – Goods: Restricted to goods vehicles (not dangerous) and breakdown vehicles. The driver must be 18 years and older.

#2: Category P

P – Passenger: For vehicles carrying more than 12 passengers, such as buses, taxis, ambulances. This also applies to people who are part of a work crew and who aren' paying passengers.

This permit allows for the driving of G category vehicles. The driver must be 21 years and older.

#3: Category D

D – Dangerous goods: Restricted to vehicles transporting dangerous goods, this permits the driving of C and P category vehicles. The driver must be 25 years and older.

Ensure that your employee is the correct age, with regards to the age restrictions limitations.

Step 3: Your employee needs to complete the PD1 form. The form is available at your nearest driving license testing centre and on the eNatis website.

Step 4: Your driver will do an eye test at the testing centre.

Step 5: He must bring the following documents to the testing centre:

  • Identity Document (ID), driver's license card or a valid South African passport
  • Two black-and-white ID photographs
  • A valid driver's license
  • Training certificate (if applicable)
  • Any other professional driving permit or public driving permit he already holds.

Step 6: Pay the required fee

Step 7: Make an appointment with your employee's doctor or occupational health practitioner for a check-up.

The doctor will complete the medical fitness form, sign and stamp the medical certificate.

Step 8: Your driver needs to have a police report and his fingerprints taken at a police station.

Your driver must take a report request form, which the licensing authority supplies. Once he's completed the form he should take it with when he visits the test centre.

Step 9: Your employee will be informed once the professional driving permit card is ready for collection, usually within eight to twelve weeks.

Proof of identification is required when collecting the permit. If his card isn't collected within 120 days, the department will destroy it.

Keep in mind that while the driving license cards are renewed every five years, a PrDP is valid for only two years. So make sure your driver applies to renew a PrDP before it expires, says the Health&Safety Advisor.

Remember, keeping your workers safe is your responsibility. This includes safety on the roads. So use these steps to help your company drivers hold valid Professional Driving Permits.

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Nine steps to help your driver to apply for a PrDP
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