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Not sure if you have to complete a health and safety accident report? Here's what you need to know about when to do one

by , 05 May 2014
By law you must write an accident report for accidents that happen on your construction site. Sadly, not all employers know exactly how to write a report or even when to do it. If you're one of them, you could get in trouble with the OHSA. Here's what you need to know about writing up accident reports.

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Two instances when you have to write an incident report

The Department of Labour says that you, the employer, must complete an accident report when:
1. An employee has an accident because of their construction job, that causes a personal injury that needs medical treatment; and
2. An employee reports any personal injury to you and they say it happened because of their job.
These are the two cases when you have to write incident reports. But you should make report writing a standard part of your safety management. This will help you to keep track of where accidents normally happen. With that information, you can put better safety measures in place.
When submitting this report you must also remember to:
Complete a separate form for each injured employee.  
Report the accident to the compensation commissioner within seven days. 
Keep a copy of the accident report even if the employee leaves your company.
But why are you required to complete accident reports?

Your 1 527 health and safety duties as an employer

Health and safety laws apply to EVERY company, if you have more than 20 employees you have even greater obligations.

Don't get caught out...

Why do you need to complete an accident report?

According to the Health and Safety Advisor completing an accident report is important for an application to the Compensation fund. The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act requires a detailed incident report. The Compensation fund uses these records to pay out workman's compensation. 
So make sure that you're accident reports are detailed and clear so you don't end up violating the Coid Act. 

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Not sure if you have to complete a health and safety accident report? Here's what you need to know about when to do one
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