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OHSAS consists of nine components! To comply with international standards, you need to know what they are

by , 27 October 2014
OHSAS 18001 is an internal specification for managing and auditing your health and safety management system.

But most business owners don't really know what OHSAS consists of.

That's why we're revealing nine components of the OHSAS.

Read on to find out what they are so you can implement OHSAS in your workplace and reap its many benefits...


These are the nine components of OHSAS 18001

1. Hazard identification, risk assessment and determining controls
This is the first stage and ensures you make your health and safety programme risk specific. This is the groundwork for your entire health and safety programme.
2. Legal and other requirements
This component helps ensure you fulfil your obligations under the OHS Act so you never run into trouble with the DoL.
3. Objectives and OHS programme
This helps you determine whether or not your OHS programme actually achieves its objectives.
4. Resources, roles, responsibility, accountability and authority
This component helps you monitor and control all the role players in your health and safety system. For example, it helps you ensure your HSE representative fulfils his role and its responsibilities. 
5. Competence, training and awareness
OHS training is a vital component to OHS Act compliance. This component will help you check your employees' training to see if they're competent in their work.
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6. Communication, participation and consultation
Getting your employees involved in health and safety is a key factor in getting them to comply. OHSAS 18001 looks at how you communicate with your employees on these issues as well as their participation.
7. Operational control
This is vital to ensure your health and safety control mechanisms work effectively.
8. Emergency preparedness and response
This component assesses your emergency planning and how prepared you are for disasters.
9. Performance measuring, monitoring and improvement
Finally, OHSAS 18001 helps you check how effective your measures for monitoring and improvement are. 
As you can see, OHSAS 18001 helps you ensure your health and safety programme is effective on every level! So implement it in your company today. 
Check out the OHSAS 18001 Audit Kit to help you get it 100% correct. 

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OHSAS consists of nine components! To comply with international standards, you need to know what they are
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