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Overwhelmed with how to manage your health and safety system? Here's how to manage it in bite-sized chunks!

by , 24 March 2015
By now, I'm sure you've implemented your health and safety management system. Allocated responsibilities, and set safety objectives.

Keeping your health and safety management system relevant and effective is a continual, time-consuming and daunting process.

So how do you go about maintaining the heath and safety system you've put in place?

The answer: Break down the different sections over a twelve month period. Into smaller, bite-sized chunks!

We've got some ideas to guide you in tailoring this process to the specific needs of your business.

Here's how...

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Your 1 527 health and safety duties as an employer

When was the last time you checked what disinfecting agents and cleaning materials your company uses?

Do you comply with the Hazardous Chemical Regulations?

There are over 1 500 items you must evaluate in your workplace according to the OHS Act and hundreds more from SABS 0400: National Building regulations.

Health and safety laws apply to EVERY company, if you have more than 20 employees you have even greater obligations.


How to keep your health and safety management system relevant

January - Risk Audit
  • Determine if your risk assessments have been carried out, recorded and communicated to your employees.

February - Fire Protection
  • Are your fire safety alert measures in place? eg: Smoke detectors
  • Is the maintenance of your fire extinguishers up-to-date?
  • Are your evacuation procedures in place? eg: Communicative signage and regular fire drills scheduled?

March - Equipment
  • Is the maintenance of your machinery up-to-date?
  • Does your new equipment purchased meet legal requirements?

April - Easter holidays
  • Time to recoupe

May - Electrics
  • Are cords safely fastened to avoid injuries?
  • Have exposed electrical cords been sealed?

June - Water
  • Are your water systems checked regularly? eg: Do your employees have access to drinking water?

Keep reading for the next six months...
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There are over 100 health and safety questions you need to ask to measure your health and safety system.

It would take you the entire day just to think of the 100 questions that you should be asking yourself when doing your internal audit.

And I know your next question…

What exactly ARE the 100 questions you should be answering?

And how do they determine if your health and safety system is compliant with the OHSAS18001 standards?

Stop fussing!

We have a solution that does all the thinking for you.


Your next six month plan

July - Work Stations

August - Hazardous Substances
  • Have all hazardous substances been labelled?
  • Have workers been educated about the labels?
  • Have workers been trained on the safe handling of the substances, storage, disposal and emergency response?

September - Cleaning
  • Spring clean your building inside and out eg: Windows

October - Ventilation Systems
  • Has your annual check and maintenance been done?

November - General Building Maintenance
  • Are your premises regularly maintained and checked?
  • Are your records up-to-date? eg: Legislative requirements

December - Christmas Holidays
  • Time to relax and get ready for the new year

Keeping your health and safety management system relevant and effective doesn't have to be a laborious set of tasks!

By segmenting the different aspects, you adhere to your legal obligation of protecting the health and safety of your employees and others who are affected by your business activities.

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Overwhelmed with how to manage your health and safety system? Here's how to manage it in bite-sized chunks!
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