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Plan for your safety audit to ensure maximum success

by , 04 August 2014
When it comes to health and safety audits and assessing your compliance it's vital you plan ahead. If you do an internal audit you need to run it the way a DoL inspector may run an audit.

This means you have to prepare and plan out the right questions and processes. But many business owners don't know where to begin when it comes to planning for a audit.

That's why today we're revealing how you go about planning for your safety audit so you can ensure you're 100% compliant with all the OHS Act laws...

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Here's the first thing you need to do when planning for your safety audit

Your safety audit helps you identify problems before they even happen. Don't wait until problems have already happened to do your safety audit. Rather do them on a regular basis. We recommend you do an audit once a year.
So this first stage of planning is about setting up an audit schedule that'll help you assess the state of your health and safety on a regular basis. 
The next step of planning is to decide what kind of audit you will do. There are four types:
- Procedural;
- Problem investigations;
- Scheduled audits according to your health and safety plan and programme; and
- Unannounced audits.
The next stage of planning requires a little more work.

The last stage of planning involves isolating the parts of your business you're going to audit

You can't audit every part of your business at once. So when you start planning you need to select particular departments in your business that you're going to audit. 
You have to take a 'sample' of your workplace health and safety and in that sample investigate as many elements of your health and safety plan as possible.
With proper planning your health and safety audit will be seamless and effective. so be sure to cover every detail in your planning.
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Plan for your safety audit to ensure maximum success
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