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PPE: Seven simple tips to help you manage these three little letters

by , 25 June 2014
Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE) is your employees' last line of defence. It's the gloves that prevent them losing a finger and the hard hats that keep their heads safe from falling objects.

Without PPE, your employees would be vulnerable to a lot of common dangers and accidents.
But PPE isn't always that easy to manage.

It's expensive equipment that you employees could 'misplace'. Your employees may even refuse to use it for whatever reason.

But it's important, so you have to have it. To help, we have seven tips to help you manage your PPE problems...

Manage your PPE problems with these seven tips
Buying all your company's PPE is the easiest step. After that, you have to actually get your employees to use it and look after it. But how?
It's not easy to manage all your PPE, so hopefully these seven tips will help:
Tip 1: Remind your employees that PPE protects them against common accidents.
Tip 2: Make sure your employees' PPE fits them correctly. (Plus seven other ways you can ensure they use it.)
Tip 3: Take these steps to ensure your employee doesn't lose his PPE.
Tip 4: Listen if a DoL inspector tells you to get more or correct PPE.
Tip 5: Ensure your employees know the rules about using PPE.
Tip 6: Make sure your employees understand their responsibility about using their PPE.
Tip 7: Have all the right PPE for your employees to use.
With these tips, you'll be able to manage all of your PPE and ensure your employees use it correctly. If you have any PPE questions of your own, just ask our expects on the Health and Safety Club.

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PPE: Seven simple tips to help you manage these three little letters
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