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Pressure equipment: Four requirements for safety accessories

by , 11 December 2013
While Pressure Equipment Regulations (PERs) replaces the old Vessels Under Pressure Regulations way back in 2009, many employers still aren't compliant with some of the requirements. Don't make the same mistake. If you use pressure equipment, read on to discover the four requirements for safety accessories.

If you use pressure equipment in your workplace, you must ensure you adhere to these four health and safety standards regarding safety accessories whenever ever pressure equipment is in operation.

Four health and safety requirements regarding safety accessories for pressure equipment

#1: You must fit safety accessories, (for example, trip switches and shut-off valves) to all devices where necessary.

#2: 'In the absence of specific regulatory requirements, you must follow the recommendations of the Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) when selecting, arranging and installing the necessary safety accessories,' says the Health & Safety Advisor.

#3: You must fit every steam generator or pressure vessel with a pressure measuring device and the correctly specified safety valve, according to the design standards.

Remember to keep all valves locked or sealed, and inaccessible to an unauthorised user.

#4: Arrange, install, operate and maintain automatic controls and indicators according to the relevant health and safety standards or the written approval of an AIA.

You must inspect and test pressure equipment.

In addition to complying with these four health and safety requirements , make sure you inspect and test pressure equipment.

In terms of PERs, you must conduct all internal and external inspections of all pressure equipment, pressure vessels and steam generators at intervals not exceeding 36 months. An AIA must witness all tests.

Well there you have it. Now that you know the four health and safety requirements for safety accessories of pressure equipment, make sure you comply to avoid penalties.

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Pressure equipment: Four requirements for safety accessories
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