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Protect your workplace from natural disasters in four easy steps

by , 07 October 2014
Natural disasters can easily destroy your business. All it takes is a severe storm or an earthquake and suddenly your business is in turmoil.

But you aren't defenceless against Mother Nature. You can safeguard your business against her disasters.

All you have to do is follow these four steps to protect your workplace against anything she throws at you...


Here are the common natural disasters that can tear your workplace apart

3. Landslides; and
4. Strong winds.
These disasters can structurally damage your business premises and put your employees in serious danger.
The key to dealing with these disasters and protecting your business against them is giving your business a little structural help.
Follow these four steps to do that.
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Take these four steps to protect your workplace against natural disasters

Step 1: Reinforce the structural supports for your building
You'll need the help of a structural engineer to do this. He can advise you on what to do and how to do it. You should also consult a construction specialist to get an idea of the process you must take.
Step 2: Put shatterproof windows in
A severe storm could shatter your windows. If your employees sit near windows, they could be seriously injured.
Step 3: Inspect your building regularly
Inspect your building from top to toe on a regular basis. This will help you spot any weak spots that make your building vulnerable to natural disasters. 
Step 4: Maintain your building
If there are any cracks and problems with the structure of your office building, take immediate steps to repair them and maintain the building.
By following these four steps you can protect your company against any natural disaster. 
PS: If you're worried about disasters, we strongly recommend you check out the 97 Toolbox Talks kit. It has everything you need to train your employees on what to do if one of these natural disasters does strike. 

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Protect your workplace from natural disasters in four easy steps
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