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Quick check: Have you included everything in your Health and Safety Management System?

by , 01 November 2013
You're required to manage health and safety in your company. If you've implemented a Health and Safety Management System in yours, use this checklist to ensure it's worth more than the paper it's printed on...

When it comes to your company's Health and Safety Management System, your number one priority must be to get management committed to health and safety. You must ensure they understand their obligations, says the Health & Safety Advisor.

The Advisor adds, once you have management commitment; adopt the Demming Quality Process approach. That is:

  • Plan;
  • Do;
  • Check; and
  • Act.

This process is sometimes referred to as the PDCA cycle.

Use this handy checklist to ensure you haven't left anything out in your Health and Safety Management System

Health and Safety Management System Checklist: Answer Yes or No to the following questions:


  • Does management agree and understand your health and safety intention?
  • Do you know the employer and employee legal obligations?
  • If you have more than 20 employees, do you have a Health and Safety Representative and Committee?
  • Have you planned how to identify hazards and assess risks?
  • Do you have an incident investigation procedure?
  • Do have records of your health and safety efforts?


  • Is health and safety on your agenda for all management meetings?
  • Are your employees aware of your Health and Safety Policy?
  • Have you drawn up a Health and Safety Agreement?
  • Have you identified who needs health and safety training?
  • Are health and safety training requirements included in your workplace skills plan?
  • Are you assessing hazards and the associated risk?
  • Have you implemented risk controls?
  • Are you investigating all incidents?
  • Are Health and Safety Committee meetings being held (if you employ more than 20 people)?
  • Have you drawn up written health and safety procedures?


  • Are Health and Safety Representatives doing regular inspections?
  • Are you doing an annual internal audit?
  • Have you planned an external audit?
  • Are you reviewing your Health and Safety Management System annually?

If you answer 'No', go back and correct anything you've left out. Keep this checklist handy to ensure to make sure you've included everything your Health and Safety Management System.

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Quick check: Have you included everything in your Health and Safety Management System?
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