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Reduce health and safety risks in the office with these seven rule

by , 09 May 2013
Keeping your employees safe and healthy is just as important in an office environment as it is in a factory. But how do you do this? Read on to discover seven office rules you can use to ensure reduce the health and safety risks the office.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act covers all places where employees work. This includes the office.

Although health and safety in the workplace is the joint responsibility of you and your employees, you must ensure that all your office staff knows that they're responsible for keeping the office safe and healthy.

Luckily, the Health and Safety Advisor outlines rules you can use to do this…

Seven rules for office safety

  1. Ensure there's a 'wet floors' sign put up when you wash floors.
  2. Don't have computer cables or electric cables running across a walkway where people can trip over them.
  3. Don't stack files, papers and books on top of filing cabinets, cupboards or shelves. They'll fall off and could injure employees.
  4. Don't leave heaters switched on when you leave the office.
  5. Tell employees not to handle paper carelessly and to avoid paper cuts that become infected.
  6. Tell employees not to lean back too far in an office chair. It could topple over backwards and severely injure them.
  7. Ensure employees wipe up when they spill tea on the kitchen floor so someone else won't slip on it.

These rules could help ensure you reduce the health and safety risks in the office

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Reduce health and safety risks in the office with these seven rule
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